35 Day Practice Day 3

35 Day Practice Day 3

Read Lotus Sutra:
M p. 36 “Any Saravaka or Bodhisattva….(p. 37)…Exactly as I am.”
R p. 88 “If a sharavaka or a bodhisattva…(p. 89)…Without any distinctions.”

Again, today complete the remainder of your goal time chanting Namu Myoho Renge Kyo. Remember as you chant keep your mind focused on the chanting, this is a meditative practice. If you find your mind wandering say the word ‘thinking’ to yourself and gently come back to your chanting.

I selected today’s reading because of the great promise contained within it. You will become a Buddha just by your exposure to this powerful heart of all the Dharma!

There are not the large variety of teachings of Buddhism, from the perspective of the Lotus Sutra, except as expedients for this single purpose of all Buddhas; to enable everyone to become enlightened.

It sounds amazing doesn’t it? Perhaps you are skeptical, that is perfectly natural, so were the Buddha’s contemporary disciples. Some of his disciples actually left when they heard this. In the part preceding this section some five hundred actually got up and left choosing to ignore this great promise. We also have this choice to make as we practice the Lotus Sutra. We can choose to continue and try or we can say to heck with it and abandon the practice.

The interesting thing here is that there is no punishment for abandoning this teaching. It isn’t like you will be punished or receive retribution; Buddhism doesn’t operate that way, unlike other religions. Simply put, walking away only delays the eventual awakening. The Lotus Sutra, according to the Buddha is the heart and soul of all of Buddhism, even if it is difficult. Because it is at the core of Buddhism it is a truth that will eventually manifest in a person’s life, even if in a future lifetime.

For those of you who are eager and think this is going to slowly, check your patience. This undertaking is only 3 days old and we are not in a hurry, this is a lifetime endeavor so go slowly and savor each of these steps. Enjoy! Have a great day today, and if you want to go ahead and do more then consider chanting during some activity you are engaged in today, but we will talk more about this later. Also keep in mind we are trying to engage in an activity that is both consistent and rhythmical. We also are trying to practice with the long term in mind, keeping it going over the long haul of a lifetime.

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