Morning Lotus Sutra Service Streamed Live

A week or so ago I began streaming the morning recitation of the Lotus Sutra live from the temple most weekday mornings.

I am unable to stream it every day due to my work schedule at the hospital. When I am able to though I will begin promptly at 6AM Easter time. The service will last one half hour. Following the service there will be no Dharma talk, that way we can chant more Odaimoku instead of me making it shorter and then listening to me blabber on.

Because I can’t do this every day please check the calendar on the temple web page for an up to date listing of when I’ll be streaming. You can always view the stream by going to the Streaming Tab on the web page and scrolling down to the viewing window.

If you are able and inclined to do so I invite you to join with me.

On another note, I am still trying to work out what I’ll be able to commit to with regard to posting on the blog. I am hoping to at least post something one day a week for the immediate future. I have been invited to present three lectures between now and February and I’ll share those with you all here. Also some of the things I am writing for my Chaplain work may also be of interest and I’ll share those as well.

Thank you very much for being patient with me as I undertake what I hope will be the final phase of my effort to become a Board Certified Chaplain, BCC.

I would really like to encourage each of you to never give up and to do your best to continue to practice the Lotus Sutra by chanting as much Odaimoku as you are able whenever you are able.

With Gassho,

About Ryusho 龍昇

Nichiren Shu Buddhist priest. My home temple is Myosho-ji, Wonderful Voice Temple, in Charlotte, NC. You may visit the temple’s web page by going to I am also training at Carolinas Medical Center as a Chaplain intern. It is my hope that I eventually become a Board Certified Chaplain. Currently I am also taking healing touch classes leading to become a certified Healing Touch Practitioner. I do volunteer work with the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (you may learn more about them by following the link) caring for individuals who are HIV+ or who have AIDS/SIDA.
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