Notice That – May 20, 2013 Meditation

Notice That

How many of you who are reading this have played around with a to-do list. I know I have. I have tried various systems for managing things that need to get done; some helpful, some not so much. Sometimes I completely abandon all attempts at being organized and wing it.

Being organized and efficient is something I do strive for, and in the process I have learned there are some things I can manage and others I cannot. Those I am unable to effectively manage I have either let go of the need, accepted my limitations, or found workarounds.

There are all sorts of fancy systems, some requiring spending money to get the necessary products that will assure you of success. Ok, that’s fine, though I am not convinced.

Here is a novel idea you might consider as you fill up your life with boxes that need to be checked off. Try making out a list of things you want to notice in your life.

You might put things on your To Notice list such as notice the person you are on the elevator with and strike up a conversation with them. You might decide to notice the person who scans your purchases at the stores you visit; notice them and acknowledge their existence.

Noticing the time of sunset and making a date to watch the sky; by the way there is an app for that.

Noticing little things in your life might actually reveal how large your life is. I have a friend who looks for heart shapes wherever she goes. I have done this and noticed a heart shaped oil stain on the road while walking, a car flattened snake whose dead body was in the shape of a heart, a speck in the pattern on a tile floor that was heart shaped. She has been doing much longer and has seen hearts in the air bubbles in her bread, and heart shaped cracks on sidewalks. One snowy day I noticed a heart shaped shadow being cast on the snow.

You might decide to notice how many red objects you find in your environment. You might be surprised at what you see anew you never noticed before. Suddenly your whole environment has expanded.

What are your thoughts?
Have any quirky things you like to notice?
If you try this perhaps add some comments.

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